Motorized Rotor Coin Sorter: "Does It Work?"

The Motorized Roto Sorter box claims it's "hours of motorized fun." You may have seen it work on TV, but is it worth a nickel in real life? We'll see.

Out of the box, assembly looks tough. But it just required a few twist on some thumb screws and we were done. A flick of the switch, and the battery operated motor sets the coin tray in motion.

We pulled out our money jar full of assorted coins, grabbed a handful and dropped them on the rotating tray. The coins work their way around and slide down one of four chutes into the coin rolls below. Very early on the coins became stuck in the rotating tray. There's an eject button on the back of the device, but it became jammed too.

Not only that the coins started sticking on their way down the chutes. It was kind of like wearing rubber shorts down a hot slide. We were constantly having to help the coins make it down the slide, and once they got in the rolls we had pennies in our dime rolls and nickels in our quarter rolls.

Does it Work? We give the Motorized Roto Sorter, a "no."

We bought it at a local drug store for 20 dollars.