Students Experience The Science Of Hollywood Stunts

Explosive energy, fire and a Hollywood stunt man.
Steve Wolf awed students at Hubbard Middle school Tuesday by demonstrating the role science plays in movie stunts.
As part of the demonstration, Wolf dangled a teacher in the air using pulleys. He also set his hand on fire and blew up a flower pot during a Hollywood re-enactment. Don't try any of these stunts at home, because Wolf is a trained professional.
"It's a huge satisfaction to watch kids get as excited about learning science as they do about action, adventure movies," said Wolf. "Then I know that we're making a difference, that we're doing something that gets the kids jazzed up."
During the demonstration, Wolf also filled the gym with smoke and set a miniature house on fire. Steve Wolf has performed stunts and special effects for films and television shows including: "The Firm," "Cast Away" and "America's Most Wanted." He performs about 80 shows a year for kids.

Maya Golden reporting,