Relatives Shed Light On Apparent Murder-Suicide

Neighbors found George Freeman, 61, dead in his car. Authorities say a hose attached to the tailpipe released carbon monoxide into the vehicle.

Deputies found the body of George's wife, Jo, 73, shot to death inside their home.

Authorities say they found at least two suicide notes at the couple's home, apparently written by George. The notes indicated the couple had lost a large sum of money in some sort of business deal, perhaps even a scam.

"From what I can find out, that was probably just about all the money they had," Merle Freeman, George's cousin, said.

Merle lives just a couple of miles away. He says the couple had invested money in an out-of-state company and ended up losing thousands of dollars.

"They thought they were getting a good deal, drawing quite a bit of interest every month on it," Merle said. "It just, all at once, it just quit."

Merle says the couple also had mounting medical bills. George had health problems, and Jo had been battling cancer for at least five years.

The couple had been married for about 15 years.

"Jo was a nice, quiet person," Merle said. "She was soft spoken, you know. And she was really friendly. George, he had a pretty good temper. And he, you know, once in a while, he got out of hand. But he was a good fellow in some respects, and in some respects, he wasn't."

Another relative says George had a "hot temper." He says that may have gotten out of hand and caused this tragedy.

Investigators are waiting for autopsy results to determine the exact causes of death. They're also going to figure out if any charges will be brought against the company the Freemans lost money to.

Julie Tam, reporting.