Parents Fight School Drug Problem

East Texas parents want to join in on a new project aimed at fighting the drug problem at Lindale schools.

This summer, two teenagers died from overdoses of the prescription painkiller Oxycontin. Many parents fear the same thing may happen to their children.

So tonight, parents attended a school board meeting to urge board members to become part of the "Safe Homes Pledge." Parents who sign up pledge to keep their homes drug- and alcohol-free. They can go online to find other parents who have done the same.

One parent was especially vocal about the need for this program, because of her teen's drug addiction.

"When we were going through that with my son, it was so difficult because we didn't know where he was a lot of the time," Penny Davison said. "And then we didn't know who lives there and how they lived."

The Lindale school board says it supports the "Safe Homes" program. It's now working on how to raise money and organize the effort to make it happen this school year.

Julie Tam, reporting.