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No scholarship, only 5 of 16 attending ETBU

The scholarship isn’t coming. West Rusk High School officials announced that they have heard from the donor who promised to send 16 students to East Texas Baptist University and that scholarship money will not be made available.  Only five of the sixteen plan on attending ETBU as a result.

But, East Texans are stepping in to renew their hope. Disappointment set in for the West Rusk students hoping for their promised scholarships didn't last for long.

“We’ve been kind of up and down and now we have a lot of excitement going on,” Catherine Crawford, Vice President of Advancement at ETBU, said.

Fenton Motor Group announced a donation of $100,000.

“And at the last minute, we’re told they’re going to have to withdraw, and we feel that they deserve the opportunity to pursue their dreams and they’re ready and geared up and we’re excited to be able to help them,” Cassidy Prather, E-Commerce Director Fenton Motor Group, said.

With hope renewed, ETBU also stepped up.

They offered $125,000 in tuition aid to 15 of the 16 students.

“If, you know, thirty thousand people donated a dollar, that’s not that much, every small amount that could be donated would add up and make a huge difference,” Daelynn Williams, a parent, said.

An alum ETBU has now set up a fund for the community to donate to help keep another person’s promise.

“Have trust in them and believe them when they tell you something’s going to happen,” Tommy Alexander, West Rusk High School’s Superintendent, said.

West Rusk High School’s superintendent, Tommy Alexander, said in an email, “I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, it may be hard to fully understand that reason.”

“We’re hoping that someone else will step in and help them out for next semester and keep these kids going,” Prather said.

The President of Kilgore College is allowing these students to attend the college at a discounted price.

 “And allow people to be blessed by blessing someone else,” Williams said.

That dream of college shattered, now being put back together by the community.

West Rusk's superintendent also noted that he wouldn’t be surprised if many of those attending Kilgore College join their classmates at ETBU in the future.

He is also hopeful that something may still be worked out.

To donate to that fund to help with tuition costs you can find the link by clicking on the Big Red Box.

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