Police seek source of counterfeit money

Police seek source of counterfeit money

Police say anytime a counterfeit bill is passed, there is always a possibility of a counterfeiting ring.  This after a woman was arrested in Longview on Monday after allegedly passing a bogus $100 bill. Our cameras were there Monday when Dacquri Wright was allegedly caught trying to passed a fake $100 bill at a Longview Burger King drive thru.

"One person was arrested at the scene and we are still following up investigation on several others," says Longview Police officer Kristie Brian.

Police say there were three women in the car, one fled the scene. A second fake bill was found inside the women's vehicle. Immediately afterwards police wanted to find the source of the bill.

"The printers are so good now they can print out the colors and things that closely resemble real money," Brian says.

Aside from the bills , police are after those who print them.

"If its one person we've arrested that person , but if its more than one person we need to identify them and we'll have to catch up with them probably as they're passing the bills," says Brian.

Experienced cashiers can spot fake money, and say those passing them will try to find the most opportune moment.

"I think they try to come in at a busy time so that I'm just rushing in and out. They are very nonchalant, very just standing in line waiting for their turn," says cashier Brandie Raley, who has spotted fake money before.

And fake money can cost businesses big. So police want the source.

"Anyone connected with them certainly someone has to print that bill," Brian says.

Police are examining two counterfeit bills at this time, trying to get fingerprint evidence off of them. Other counterfeit bill passing suspects are still sought at this time.

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