Learn where lots of dough is missing

An East Texas bakery that's been featured on national television shows for its delicious pies, cakes and cookies is now getting a lot of attention for what's missing.  Corsicana's famous Collin Street Bakery is accusing a former accountant of embezzling more than 15 million dollars.  Now, the FBI is involved.  We'll have a new report at 10 that will give you all of the latest details.

You may be hoping for a little rain. Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is tracking the possibility of rain wetting the landscape and providing a little heat relief. He'll let you know what you can expect from the weather where you live when he presents your brand new forecast at 10.

Our sports guys continue to be the go to guys for your best local Cowboys coverage. Tonight at 10, Ryan Peterson will have a new Cowboys camp report. Tonight, he's giving you a better understanding of the team's running game and the role it will play in the hunt for playoff glory.  And, Ryan says he's not leaving Houston Texans fans out.  He has new information from their camp, too.