Stolen Camper Shell Replaced With Old One

An East Texas couple, who say they're the victims of theft, have found a creative way to let everyone know about it, and hopefully, recover their stolen property.

Don and June Hemby, who live in Anderson County, used to have a white camper shell on the back of their truck. But one day, it was stolen and replaced with an old red one.

So Don spray-painted a message on it: "Wanted: To the thief who traded my camper shell, call 549-2130."

So far, they haven't had any luck getting it back, but they did receive a phone call a few months ago.

"She said that the person she thought stole the camper shell had stolen a lot of other items and was now in prison," June said. "And if that would make us feel any better, she thought that she needed to make the phone call."

The woman said her nephew was likely the one who stole the Hemby's camper shell.

The shell left in its place has become a local landmark, and can be seen off of Hwy 19, south of Athens.

Julie Tam, reporting.