Are schools asking for too much?

It seems like, over the last few years, we've been regularly hearing from East Texas parents who say they are being asked to spend way too much on their children's school supplies.  The complaints were so passionate we decided to see what we could do to get to the bottom of the requests, parents say, are ridiculous.  Melanie Torre gathered school supply lists from several schools, all over East Texas, to get a feel for what is normal these days.  You'll hear from parents and school officials in an eye-opening new report at 10.

Bob Hallmark has a new Restaurant Report at 10.  It's information you might be able to use to make weekend plans.  Bob says several local restaurants failed to impress inspectors.

Storm Tracker 7 Meteorologist Brett Collar will have a new forecast for you tonight.  It's your chance to get the most accurate weather information to use while making your weekend plans.