Better East Texas: Politics and Broken Promises

(KLTV) - The Northeast Regional Mobility Authority, or NET RMA, which has jurisdiction over Toll 49, displayed both politics and broken promises at a recent board meeting in which they voted to cancel an agreement made with the bicycling community that would allow bikers to continue to use a portion of Toll 49 for bike riding.

It was obvious that the board felt the pressure from the Texas Department of Transportation Commissioners. Allow bikers to continue using toll 49 and you will jeopardize your future funding from us.

So government wins because of special interests and politics. Although the ban effects only a few hundred citizens of the community who bike for pleasure and health as part of their quality of life, it does send a wrong message to the community and beyond.

The decision to ban bikers from Toll 49 - Is it for a Better East Texas? I don't think so, but you decide.

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