Better East Texas: 'Rolling Stone' cover

(KLTV) - The current issue of Rolling Stone magazine features theimage of accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The magazine has received both criticism and praise for the covershot.

Critics say that this glamorizesthe suspect and could inspire others to mimic his actions with the hope ofgetting some notoriety.  Others havedefended the magazine and the article about Tsarnaev saying this is a look at his profile andwiring and how his face is the face of the terror in our world.

Additionally, the cover may or may notinspire an increase in sales but it is worth noting that 95 percent of RollingStone's  sales come from subscriptions sothere is only a very small percent of sales from newsstands.

My issue with the cover is that Rolling Stonemagazine is more known as a magazine of pop culture, the music industry,entertainment and not one of hard journalism or known for covering news storiesof the day.  The same picture, on thecover of Time magazine, I can understand. The cover picture is the wrong cover for Rolling Stone as this type ofprominence can only elevate the accused bombers status.

We live in a world that consists of portionsof society that clamor for martyrs for a cause and no matter how well written astory is, placement on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine elevates the accusedbomber beyond what is deserved.

RollingStone needs to stick with Beyonce and Lady Gaga and leave serious journalismand the corresponding covers to other publications and that will make for aBetter East Texas.