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USPS woes: Door-to-door delivery cut considered by Congress


United States House Republicans now have a new plan to help the United States Postal Service dig itself out of billions of dollars in revenue losses.

The new plan doesn't affect when your mail is delivered as much as it affects where your mail is delivered.

In Tyler's Azalea District neighborhood, every home is different from the one next door. However, they all have something in common: not a single home has a curbside mail box.

That could become a problem if Congress passes proposed legislation halting door-to-door mail delivery.

"We welcome any change that will assist the postal service in saving money simply because the organization is losing $25million a day," says USPS Spokesperson McKinney Boyd.

Currently, the USPS says each door-to-door delivery stop costs them $353 per year in salaries and cost of transport. The organization says each curbside mail delivery stop costs $224 a year and each cluster box delivery costs $160 a year.

Congress is proposing that new housing developments create cluster boxes instead of individual mailboxes on each curb. Much like in an apartment complex, homeowners in a particular area would all pick up their mail at one location nearby.

"It will have a profound effect on a quarter of the addresses in America that still get their mail door-to-door if that part [of the bill] actually is carried out," says U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert.

Congressman Gohmert says he does support other things in the bill that would draw more people to local post offices. For example, allowing post offices to provide state and federal services, like issuing fishing licenses.

Gohmert encourages the East Texans he represents to call and email him and let him know what they think about this bill.

"It helps me be a better representative. I want to represent what people want," Gohmert says.

For USPS, it's all about money.

"We're looking at ways to cut costs. That's our number one concern right now," says Boyd.

They're striving daily to cut costs and save money as less and fewer people rely on USPS to pay bills and send letters. The U.S. Postal Service says they process about 53 billion fewer pieces of mail than they did in 2006. Officials say, according to government reports, eliminating door-to-door delivery would save $4.5 billion annually.

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