Sandlin Offers Opinion on Assault Weapons Ban

Four term congressman Max Sandlin of Marshall is hoping his message to voters will get him a 5th term as congressman.

"I'm willing to work with anyone on either side of the isle, the White House, Senate, in the best interest of this country," the congressman says.

The assault weapons ban is scheduled to expire Monday and rightfully so according to Sandlin, who didn't think it accomplished much.

"It's an experiment that failed, it will expire, I don't look for Congress to act. I know people had good intentions with it, but the evidence is it did absolutely nothing to help deter crime," he says.

Although not opposed to gun legislation, he feels protection comes from education. "What we need to do is enforce the laws we have and certainly we need training and safety, train our children, our hunters with the proper use of firearms".

A second amendment supporter, Sandlin doesn't want any legislation to infringe upon that. "I am a 2nd amendment supporter, I believe in people's right to keep and bear arms for defense," Sandlin says.

Sandlin has no plans to introduce any other legislation on assault weapons.

Bob Hallmark kltv 7 news.