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Four years later, shooting and kidnapping victim still seeking justice

Shawanda Mcclinton was kidnapped and shot 7 times in 2009. Shawanda Mcclinton was kidnapped and shot 7 times in 2009.

A Shreveport family is frustrated because they say it's taking too long for their family to get justice after their daughter Shawanda Mcclinton was kidnapped and shot seven times in 2009. Shawanda was in serious condition at LSU Hospital, but survived. Christopher Michael Johnson is accused of kidnapping and shooting Shawanda. He has been waiting behind bars for four years and is still waiting for his trial.

Johnson had a court date set for Monday, but it was pushed back to September. The Mcclinton family says it has been the same old song and dance for nearly four years now.

Shawanda has carried a painful burden, both mentally and physically. The memory of what left her in the hospital for weeks and recovering for years, haunts her. "I just want it to be over with," Shawanda said. It was 2009 when police say Johnson, Shawanda's ex-boyfriend forcefully kidnapped her from a Bossier City Family Dollar Store. He eventually let her go. But just days later, he is accused of kicking open her door and shooting her in the pelvic area seven times, even lodging a bullet in her spine.  Police caught him after a three week search at a bus station in Marshall, Texas.

Shawanda's mother Priscilla has lived the nightmare as well. "I thank God for sparing her life, I thank God because I didn't think she was going to walk again, but she's walking, doing good," said Priscilla Mcclinton. While Shawanda is almost fully recovered physically, the mental scars remain, scars that she says won't heal until Johnson goes to trial."It'll be four years on September 1st, that he shot her and we want some justice," said Priscilla. 

Both Shawanda and her mother say they have been in and out of court at least 40 times since 2009, but Johnson's trial date continues to get pushed back. "I know the courts are stacked up, but four years?" said Priscilla and adds she can't believe how long it's taken for Johnson to go to trial. "We just want justice," she said. 

Both mother and daughter say the trial needs to move forward for them to have closure. "I just want to move on with my life so I don't have to keep living in the past," said Shawanda. 

KSLA News 12 reached out to Caddo Parish District Attorney Charles Scott and asked him why the trial has been delayed so many times. He said different crimes have a higher priority on the docket, like homicides. Scott assures the family they are working as quickly as they can.  

Johnson's latest trial date is set for September 9th. He is charged with aggravated kidnapping and attempted murder.


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