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7 from 7: Stories for your (royal) Monday afternoon

Mrs. Johnnie Bendy Mrs. Johnnie Bendy

Greetings, everyone! We hope your Monday afternoon is going well.

So far, Monday has been a rather emotional newsday. Here are a few stories for you to check out:

1. First, the news just broke in the last hour that Prince William and Princess Kate have had their baby today; it's a boy. The name will not be released for several days.

2. Sadly, a local icon passed away this morning. Mrs. Johnnie Bendy, a Wood County woman who taught generations of students in Mineola and contributed so much more to her area, including being part of the development of the Mineola Nature Preserve, was 94 and will be greatly missed. Our Summer Dashe will have more on Mrs. Bendy's story tonight at 6 on KLTV 7 News.

3. Dennis Farina, the Chicago born police officer turned character actor, died Monday in a Scottsdale, AZ hospital. He was 69. His publicist told Time the actor died from a blood clot in his lung. He was most recently known for his role as Detective Joe Fontana on the original Law & Order series.

4. The Texas Giant roller coaster remained closed Sunday, as investigators continue to look into what may have caused the death of a Dallas woman on Friday. Here's what they've said so far.

5. A local business has been a favorite of East Texans for 21 years. Mineola's own Bargain Barn Antiques is a treasure trove for all of you who like hidden gems and vintage finds, not to mention good prices. Check out why you should know about this great local business!

6. We had rain last week, making farmers, gardeners, and most of the rest of us pretty happy. There are still some burn bans in effect, however.  Make sure to watch what Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto has to say about what will happen in weather this week in East Texas tonight at 4, 5 and 6, as well as on the weather page on KLTV.com.

7. Fulfilling a campaign promise to equip Smith County Sheriff's Office deputies and personnel with the tools they need to do their jobs, Sheriff Larry Smith announced today that 49 TASERS are now on the streets and all personnel for whom the device is applicable have completed TASER training.

Here's the link to our livestream on KLTV.com so you can watch us live at 4, 5 and 6, no matter where you are.

We'll see you soon!

Stephanie Frazier

KLTV Web Producer

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