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Shirtless burglary suspect arrested while revisiting crime scene

James Hutchens, 33 (source: Muscogee County Jail) James Hutchens, 33 (source: Muscogee County Jail)

A man casually walked in the door of the 30th Avenue Package Store Sunday afternoon, shopping for alcohol like a regular customer.

But to the clerk, there was something familiar about him.  He recognized the man right away as the same one who broke into the store earlier in the morning.

James Hutchens, 33, was caught on surveillance video dropping through the ceiling and leaving the same way at about 8:30 a.m.

The clerk said Hutchens didn't make any attempts to conceal his identity for the security cameras during the initial crime, nor when he returned to the store just after 4 p.m., acting like nothing had happened.

Earl Wilson is an auto mechanic and owns the business next door.  He was on the scene moments after the arrest making repairs.

"They said they went through my bathroom door.  They broke the bathroom door and went into the package store.  I'm glad they got him and locked him up.  I'm glad.  They should lock him up," said Wilson.

Wilson said the man cut a hole in an exterior door that leads to his bathroom, then climbed through the ceiling into the neighboring liquor store to steal alcohol. 

Just moments after the clerk called 911 to report he recognized a customer as the burglary suspect, police arrived to arrest the shirtless man.

Hutchens is currently in the Muscogee County Jail.

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