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Tatum holds honor march for cancer patient


He served his country as a U.S. marine, and came home to fight the battle of his life, against cancer. It's a family that has known the tragedy of losing one son in the Afghanistan war, and now losing another to cancer.   

The  community of Tatum came together to support former marine Jose Granado. They came out from their Tatum homes to participate in what they called an honor march through the neighborhood for native son and former marine Jose Granado.

"I don't usually run but I was inspired by his strength getting through this process, I thought if he could do that then at least I could come up here," says Tatum resident Downs Reese.    

Suffering from stage 4 cancer, Jose was too week to make the event.

"He just couldn't get up and get here. He kind of carried this all by himself, he wanted to power through it and be so strong and he's so courageous and he faces every day head-on," says Wendy Williams.

"Very excited but at the same time sad, because he couldn't make it," says Jose's mother , Rosalinda Granado.  

All the more reason people dedicated the day to him.

"Heroes never die. That his service to his country , family all of his friends , he gives to us a 100 percent , and that should be honored and remembered," says runner Rashelle Garcia.

Jose has only weeks to live.

"We've accepted that Jose will be leaving us very soon," Rosalinda says. 

For his family, the gesture was truly appreciated.

"I want to say to everyone who's supported us and Jose, thank you," she says.

The event raised over 6-thousand dollars to help the Granado family pay medical bills.  

Jose will celebrated his 39th birthday in 5 days.his brother 'Alex' , who was also a marine , died in action in Afghanistan.

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