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Brief storm damages lakefront homes


A brief storm rumbled through a section of East Texas on Thursday night, knocking down trees and damaging homes in a residential section off Lake Bob Sandlin in the 500 block of County Road 2940. Trees were snapped and roofing peeled away, in what started as a light rain on the lakefront homes.

"The rain was coming down so hard, I really couldn't see out, and my daughter yelled to me 'I hear a freight train,'" says storm victim Kelly Campbell.  

In what appears to be a microburst, the powerful winds centered around three homes on the dead end street.

"When I went into the house it was flooding , raining all through the house," says homeowner Tammie Smith.    

Not damaged by trees, the roofs were torn away by wind. Then came a scramble to get to a safe place.

"Because of the sound and the ceiling coming down, my first thought was tornado. My granddaughter said the roof is starting sag, and I said get down to the bathroom," Campbell says.

There was at least one close moment. Campbell's daughter and grand daughter were in a room on the second floor of her home just seconds before the ceiling collapsed.

"Right after they cleared the room, the sheet rock fell in," says Campbell.  

Within minutes it was over, and no damage to any other areas.

"I couldn't get into my driveway, because of all the debris. The roof was in the driveway," Smith says.

All of the homeowners affected say they have insurance, and they are getting estimates on just how costly the damage to their homes really is.

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