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It's a zoo at Tyler Public Library


The Tyler Public Library was a zoo today. No, really, there were all sorts of animals at the library this afternoon as part of the summer reading program.

Turtles, salamanders, and prairie dogs have all got one thing in common: they were all at the Tyler Public Library Today.

"And, and, and, and, all of the animals can dig," Samantha White, a child who attended the event, said.

The Caldwell Zoo brought four different animals that dig to the "fab Friday" event today to encourage children to "dig into reading," as part of their summer reading series.

"I can dig," Annelise White, Samantha's sister said.

Children five and up were invited and groups like The New Life Learning Center enjoyed this free event as part of a field trip.

"Ya know, something different for them to get out of the center and be out and about for a field trip," Daneka Whitmill, a staff member at The New Life Learning Center said.

The albino ferret stole the show, although a spiky hedgehog received oohs and ahhs, too.

"So they were very excited about it and asking what animals were they going to see and they just love the atmosphere over here," Whitmill said.

More than 100 children burrowed into the auditorium to see the animals and also turn in their finished summer reading logs.

"My mom made me," Michael Dotson, a 12 year-old who had finished his reading log, said.

Lucky for Michael Dotson, this was the fifth and final fabulous Friday event.

"It's most important to teach them, they're the ones that are going to grow up with all of this knowledge to teach their own children, I think that it's most important to teach the young," Lauren Furch, a Caldwell Zoo staff member, said.

This was all part of a series of July events that made up the summer program.

Children who finished their summer reading logs of 12 hours of reading per week received a free book. 

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