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New procedure could help East Texas man walk again

Jason Hammonds Jason Hammonds

Some new hope for East Texas' 'best dad on wheels,' who could walk again with help from some new medical procedures. Last week, we told you about Jason Hammonds, who finished second in the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation's 'Best Dad on Wheels' contest.          

"I'm determined to one day get out of this chair and walk," Jason says.  

That optimism from Jason is because of new research into spinal injury rejuvenation.

"Its very exciting news for anyone in my situation, it gives you hope. It's no more a mater of if, it's a matter of when," he says.  

Jason was injured in a motorcycle accident five years ago which left him paralyzed from the chest down. But he says clinical trials by a company called InVivo Therapeutics could be the long awaited breakthrough.

"Oh, it would mean the world to me, and not just for me, for others," Hammonds says. 

Using a scaffolding and stem injection technique, the treatment is designed to rejuvenate and strengthen spinal injuries, and has been successfully tested on lab animals with a remarkable 100 percent success rate.

"They were 40 for 40 getting their monkeys up and walking again within three weeks," says Jason.

Hammonds wants to be one of the first humans to undergo the treatment.

"I actually spoke with the CEO of the company, Frank Reynolds. I told him I'd like to be considered for any human trials when you start," Hammonds says.

The InVivo treatment has been approved by the FDA  for upcoming human trials in the fall.

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