Freedom Fighters: C.C. Campbell

C.C. Campbell's Veteran's Northside Barbecue is as much a small war museum as it is a place to grab a quick and tasty barbecue sandwich. It's also a gathering place for Vietnam veterans who need advice or just someone to talk to with someone who's been there.

Campbell was only 17 when he arrived in the midst of the Vietnam kiling fields in 1970. Every day became a struggle for survival. Campbell was wounded twice, once by shrapnel from a tripped mine and then by a bullet.

Thirty-four years later, he still suffers from his leg wounds. Campbell's experiences in Vietnam have defined his life since that time. Active in veterans' affairs, he spends much of his time counseling other veterans and, most of all, providing a place for them to meet and share their ups and downs, at Veteran's Northside Barbecue.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.