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Republicans vote to delay individual healthcare mandate

The House of Representatives voted on a major part of the Affordable Care Act on Wednesday, attempting to force a delay in the implementation of the mandate of individual health  insurance.

Representatives passed the two bills in the House Wednesday evening, one which formally delays the employer mandate, and the other which would delay the individual mandate for health insurance.

For Tyler doctor Hope Short, any delay in the act would be good for her bottom line.

"I would rather them just de-fund it so we can forget about it and go back and start from scratch," Short said.

The vote comes just two weeks after the President delayed the mandate for employers.

"When you know what's right, you just keep pushing it, and over time people will catch up," said Representative Louie Gohmert.

The vote on the two bills is largely symbolic, Republicans wanting to make it even more known that they strongly oppose the legislation.

"To support the employer and not support the individual doesn't look good politically," said Threlkeld &  Company Insurance Vice President Wendy Bratteli. "Really it's more of a ploy to push them in a corner."

The argument from Republicans is one you do not normally hear: that the President is on the side of big business instead of the people.

"His big businesses supporters, they're explaining, we cannot afford to continue doing what we're doing if you allow this mandate to take place," said Gohmert.

Even after the act begins, those newly insured through the government exchanges might not have doctors to go to.

"You can look at your payer panels and accept and decline certain payers, at this point," said Short.

Either way, Short said she has some tough decisions to make.

"I've already been told by my insurance agent that my cost of insuring the girls that I have is going to go up fifty percent," she said. "Whoever said that Obamacare was going to drive down cost premiums is insane."

While the House passed the bills Wednesday, President Obama has already vowed to veto the bill if it makes it past the Senate and to his desk.

Republicans counter that they will continue to fight until they have enough votes to strike down the act.

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