Better East Texas: Senator Wendy Davis

Better East Texas: Senator Wendy Davis

(KLTV) - It seems at times that we are in a leadership vacuum in our state and country.

You remember recently when Texas State Senator Wendy Davis delivered a filibuster speech on the floor of the Texas Senate with the intent of blocking the legislative vote that would outlaw late term abortions. Senator Davis stood and spoke for almost 11 hours, and when it was over the vote was taken too late to pass the bill. Well, the bill passed in the following special session, but Senator Davis has continued to enjoy some impressive notoriety.

Donations to her campaign fund have increased and, since the filibuster, she has received more than $900,000. Almost half of the money has come from out-of-state sources. Now, back to the leadership vacuum. I suppose that delivering an 11-hour speech shows conviction, but there are suggestions flying around that Senator Davis should run for Governor representing the democratic party.

I guess it could happen, but are those requests to run a reflection of how she might lead, or just a response to celebrity status? We often see good people thrust into the political spotlight for the wrong reasons only to see them fail when it comes to real substance and leadership. Surely the democrats see that Senator Davis, in only her third legislative session, must be tested and grow in experience at the state level. Being able to deliver a filibuster speech is a lot different than being able to deliver as an effective governor.

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