Mercy Works,YWAM Members Recall Days In NYC After 9/11

Saturday will mark the third anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  Many East Texans responded to the tragedy by giving their time to help a mourning nation. Members of Youth With A Mission and Mercy Works travelled to New York City days after the attacks, offering prayer and counseling.
  "They just needed to talk, so many of them," said Debbie Lascelles.
  When Debbie arrived in Manhattan just days after the terror attacks on the World Trade Center, she was determined to help heal the hurting city.  "We prayed with hundreds and hundreds of people," she said.
  Debbie, along with other members of Youth With A Mission, set up 20 prayer stations across the city.
  "We had a station at ground zero and we were able to pray with fireman daily who were just traumatized by what they were having to dig through and deal with," Debbie said. "We ministered to so many families who lost people or people who lost co-workers."
"We were able to give out Bibles, people wanted Bibles and they clung to words that are true, words that are life giving."
Debbie spent three weeks consoling hundreds, sharing stories still with her three years later.
"I guess the most gripping that I particularly remember was a young girl who had lost her mom in the World Trade Center and you know it's just so sad to still think about her and what her life is like and how she needs her mom, you know? I often think about her."
  Harmoni Spencer arrived in New York on September 14th, 2001. Flights were still grounded at the time.
  However, Harmoni was determined to offer help. She drove almost 24 hours to reach the city. "We wanted to be there right away," Harmoni said, "right when people needed it, when they were the most vulnerable."
  Harmoni set out huge scrolls of paper, along with paint, brushes and pens. It allowed grieving New Yorkers the chance to express their pain, their prayers and their hopes.  "Having someone that I never met cry on my shoulder and just be grateful that there was someone there to listen and to pray it was very touching and humbling," said Harmoni.
  We as a nation were really grieving but we went through this together and in that way it was an unbelievably precious time.  In all, 77 members of Youth With A Mission went to New York City. Many remained there offering help for almost two months.

Maya Golden reporting,