Demonstration Shows Value To Officers

It's a product designed to save the life of the men and women who protect you. Bullet proof vests are, for the most part, never seen by the public, but they play a vital role in protecting law enforcement officers on the street.

Friday, officers from Tyler and other surrounding departments got a close up look at just how affective the vests can be. One of the largest manufacturers of body armor in the country, Point Blank, held a demonstration in conjunction with local distributor Tyler Uniform.

From 9 millimeter handgun rounds all the way up to .44 caliber bullets, the vests were able to take the shots with minimal damage. The demonstration helps departments choose what type of vests they will put on their officers, helping to keep them safe.

"Always the most important thing for us is officer safety," said Tyler Police Chief Gary Swindle. "That's the importance of officers wearing bullet proof vests, to keep them safe while they're on the street."

All 181 Tyler Police officers are equipped with a bullet proof vest. The Tyler Police Department replaces anywhere from 10 to 30 of those each year.

Chris Gibson, reporting