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A scam may be waiting in your mailbox


As long as there is junk mail, electronic or postal, there may be scams waiting for your response.

The Better Business Bureau says there's a new one out there promising a $100 gift card if you pay for processing, but of course, they need your account number to get the ball rolling. We spoke with a victim who wants to warn you about the scam.

Chris Coonan got something in the mail she thought was too good to be true. She received a postcard promising a "free" $100 gift card to Walmart or Target.

"I didn't want to do it, but my granddaughter called the number and gave me the phone so I was stuck doing this," Chris explained.

After she reluctantly agreed, she was stuck answering pre-recorded questions. She was instructed to just say yes to everything.

"I interrupted several times and the gentleman would come in and say don't interrupt just say yes to everything so you can get your hundred dollar gift card. So I just said yes and I was writing down numbers and everything and then afterwards I said I wanted to talk to somebody and they hung up on me," Chris revealed.

She has called the unnamed company several times to cancel but has had no luck.

"They said I would receive something in a week. I didn't receive anything. I called them back and they said oh yes, you will get it and it's been over two weeks now," Chris said.

Olga Mondragon with the Better Business Bureau has received several complaints about the card and has called the phone number several times. They tried to use a gift card number instead of an account number.

"Once he realized that it was a Visa gift card, he said it could not be used. So they are processing payment as you are calling," Olga stated.

Chris says she had $6.95 drafted out of her account, and now more money is disappearing. Chris was reluctant to go on camera, but she said it's worth it if it stops others from being taken advantage of.

"It's a scam, and I got scammed. I hate to say it but I fell into it," Chris said.

The BBB says they still cannot identify the company or track down where they are located. They also advise you should never give out personal information to someone you don't know.

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