Gohmert Honors 9/11 Heroes

"He said, the last I saw of those noble firemen, they were heading upward to save more people. And as we know later, upward to the gates of heaven themselves."

Republican Louie Gohmert told stories of 9/11 heroes, and paid tribute to them and our local heroes.

Active military personnel and veterans, law enforcement and other first responders say his words reminded them to stick together.

"I've got my brothers here, but those people up there are my brothers, too," Kelly White, a firefighter-paramedic with the Longview Fire Dept., said. "So I might not have known them, but I do know them."

Remembering the terrorist attacks that happened three years ago reminds these public servants of the work ahead to ensure a safer America.

That's why Congress is debating the 9/11 Commission's new recommendations, including the most controversial one: creating a national intelligence director.

As Gohmert runs for the District 1 seat, we asked for his take on the issue.

He said, "We should proceed cautiously with adding another level of bureaucracy that might even make it more difficult, have more people that things have to go through."

Gohmert says existing agencies should work together, instead of under a new agency. But overall, he agrees with most of the report's recommendations.

Gohmert says he fully supports President Bush in the war on terrorism. He says the U.S. is heading in the right direction but needs a clearer exit strategy out of Iraq.

Julie Tam, reporting.