Preparing For Ivan

Floridians, already tired from being hit by two hurricanes within a month s time are preparing for a third.  Now authorities want everyone in the Florida Keys to evacuate by this evening.  Hurricane Ivan already ripped through Grenada and now the storm not only threatens Jamaica but also the Florida Keys.

Hurricane Ivan has already proven to be the deadliest storm the Caribbean has faces in decades.  So far, 23 people have died in five countries.  Now, the National Hurricane Center says the eye of the Category-Four storm will come near the island of Jamaica tonight and may re-intensify as it approaches.

Jamaicans haven t had a direct hit from a hurricane since 1988 and they know this time it s a stronger hurricane than before.  Now authorities there are urging half-a-million people to leave coastal areas.

For residents in the Keys, a direct hit by Ivan could be devastating.  Even if the storm weakens to a Category-Three Hurricane, the low-lying Keys would still see a nine to twelve foot storm surge that could wipe-out portions of the islands.  If Hurricane Ivan strikes South Florida, it could be the strongest hurricane to hit the U-S mainland in years.