Power of Prayer: Dance N Drill

By Dia Wall dwall@kltv.com

When Lynn Ramey was 8 years old, a 4th grade classmate invited her to a dance class. She tells us she hasn't stopped dancing since.

Lynn is the director of Dance N Drill in Tyler. After getting her degree to teach college women how to cook, she realized that cooking just wasn't part of her plan, saying teaching dance was "a calling from the Lord."

That calling is the foundation for the book "Because of Him." It tells the story of how Dance N Drill began, and gives more insight into Lynn's philosophy for the studio.

Lynn tells us, "We make very careful decisions around here. What kind of music we listen to, what kind of moves we make and don't make, what's appropriate for children and young adults to make. So we try to be set apart to be different, to be a light to be used for Him."

And her approach is reaping big benefits.

"I have a second generation of students coming in. Students that I have taught and now they're bringing their children here," Lynn says.

The girls in the class are not the only lives being touched. This summer, Lynn took her first mission trip to Guatemala.

Lynn says "I was actually able to teach dance down there every day and that was very, very rewarding."

She's dedicated her life to service, inspiring girls to become strong women of God through her love of dance, something she says would not be possible without the power of prayer.

"Prayer is my preparation. I don't go to a class, a recital, or an event without preparation. I just pray for transparency and that others would see the Lord through me, being others-minded, having a standard of excellence, knowing I will report to my boss, the Lord," Lynn says.

You can pick up a copy of "Because of Him" at Dance N Drill in Tyler. It costs $12.95, and all the profits go toward missions.

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