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Gas prices on the rise are a good sign


Gas prices are going up, but it isn't all bad.

"We've been kind of feeling all right with it here lately, since it's been kind of low, you know, but it's starting to rise up higher and higher," DeJuan Jamison, purchasing gas in Tyler, said.

There are two main causes, according to experts, that are fueling this sudden surge.

Political issues in Egypt are making people nervous according to Dr. Harold Doty, Assistant VP for Strategic Initiatives at UT Tyler, "that psychological pressure does tend to drive oil prices up some."

Gas prices at a station on the loop went up today. Yesterday regular fuel cost $3.39 dollars per gallon, today it cost $3.45 per gallon. Prices have literally changed overnight.

"The news is bad; grab onto your wallet because next week gas prices are going to go up another 10 cents," he said.

He predicts it will go up another ten cents the week after that.

Before you blow a gasket, there is an upside to the rising prices. The second main cause is that our economy seems to be recovering, according to Dr. Doty. More demand here means higher prices.

One truck owner isn't upset at all; he's rolling with it.

"Different aspects of life change, so you prepare to change with them," Emmett Hill Jr., purchasing gas on the loop in Tyler, said.

Although he is using more money at the pump, he still sees this as a good sign.

"It means that the economy is going to get better; just hold on," he said.

This means we're doing better at home, according to Dr. Doty, and that's good news to us.

Dr. Doty said he does not think prices will reach a national high and that as temperatures fall so will gas prices.

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