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7 from 7: Stories for your Thursday afternoon

Source: Longview Police Department Source: Longview Police Department

Good afternoon from rainy downtown Tyler! We hope that you're getting rain today, or that you will soon!

Here are some stories of interest for you this afternoon:

1. The Longview Police Department is seeking two males who were involved in a scam in order to distract a woman and steal her purse. You can see the young men encircled in the picture above.  If you know who either of them are, please call Detective Melissa Dobbs at 903-237-1199.

2. Speaking of scams, police also say that Texas Bank and Trust customers and employees are receiving emails with an attached link that could contain "possible malicious software viruses."Police are advising consumers not to open any emails from your bank that are not from a recognized bank email address.

3. Tyler ISD has approved pay raises in the district, after having had them frozen for several years. The announcement was greeted with booming applause in today's board meeting. Our Laura Sadler was there, and she'll tell you more details tonight on East Texas News at 6.


Dog stolen by Humane Society impersonators


4. The Humane Society of Northeast Texas said they have received reports that there are people impersonating animal control officers and humane society employees, forcing East Texans to give up their pets."Whatever their scam, whatever they are trying to pull, they got away with it," said Scott Holloway, the Executive Director of theHS of NETX. Animal control officers told us that they will never remove an animal from a home without a warrant signed by a judge. They also say they don't work weekends and that you should ask to see a badge, as well, if approached.

5. A 30-year-old domestic worker from Kenya flagged down a bus in California and told a passenger she had been held against her will and believed she was a victim of human trafficking. It wasn't long before a Saudi princess was under arrest. The rest of the story here.

6. Here's a story I wasn't really happy to read today, being a Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry addict; Dr. Ed Dominguez says a recent study suggests diet soda may be linked to a number of health problems, making it as bad as drinking regular soda. Make sure to join us on East Texas News at 5 as we talk this over with Dr. Ed.

7. Make sure to head over to our website for two new slideshows this afternoon. In honor of today being All-American Pet Photo Day, we've put together a fun slideshow of YOUR pet pictures submitted to us via sendit@kltv.com. It's so good! Second, we have a slideshow of weather pictures that you've also been submitting today as your area gets rain (some folks even got hail and had trees down).

Click here for the weather slideshow.

Click here for the pets slideshow.

Join us on the livestream on KLTV.com to get your news fix if you're not near a tv today; we'll be live at 4, 5, and 6.

See you then!

Stephanie Frazier

KLTV Web Producer

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