Autographed Truck Makes Couple Part Of Cowboys History

Any fan can show off a jersey or a cap. In 2000, Ira and Sherrie Groom put their love of the Dallas Cowboys on the road.

"When we found out about the Cowboys truck," Sherrie Groom says, "I knew we had to get it. I knew Ira was the number one fan."

"After we looked at it," Ira says, "Sherrie said, 'You're retired, you don't hunt, fish, or golf. Go get it.'"

So they bought it, and the 1996 Ford Ranger has been their ticket into Cowboys history. Ira and Sherrie have taken the truck to games, shows, and training camps, all the way acquiring signatures from Cowboys past and present.

"I remember the first time I met Charley Watters and Cliff Harris," Ira recalls. "When the older players see it, most of them are in awe of the truck."

It's not just the Cowboys who get excited by the truck. At car shows and games, Dallas fans from all over the world have climbed inside the ultimate Cowboys ride.

"They were just amazed," Sherrie says. "That's been the best enjoyment we've had, is the reaction of the fans."

Since buying the truck in 2000, the Grooms have had a chance to meet some of their Hall of Fame heroes, and they say they are surprisingly easy to talk to.

"You'd think some of these players would have an attitude," Ira says, "but they are just the most down to Earth people. They're just everyday folks."

Ira figures his truck has been signed by more than 150 past and present Cowboys.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.