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East Texas dognappers on the loose

Palomita, one of the dogs reported as stolen. Palomita, one of the dogs reported as stolen.

East Texans are asking for help locating dogs they have reported as stolen from their own homes.

The Humane Society of Northeast Texas said they have received reports that there are people impersonating animal control officers and humane society employees, forcing East Texans to give up their pets.

"Whatever their scam, whatever they are trying to pull, they got away with it," said Scott Holloway, the Executive Director of the Humane Society of Northeast Texas.

The Humane Society of Northeast Texas said a woman came to the shelter asking for her dogs, dogs they never had.

"Two men showed up in a red pick up truck with a cage in the back and they said they were from the humane society foster group, and there is no humane society foster enforcement group. There is nobody from the humane society that will go out and pick up any animals anywhere," said Holloway.

Ivonn Martinez's dog is missing too. She said it is a Chihuahua-Terrier mix, a surprise gift from her 9-year-old brother.

"He went with his piggy bank to this lady and told her, 'Will you sell me that puppy for everything I have in this piggy bank?' He had 47 dollars and that's what he gave the lady for this puppy. He spent all that money just to me," Martinez said.

She said her dog was taken on Saturday by who she thought was animal control.

"A white van with tinted windows and they saw the dogs and they pulled up beside a dumpster and they opened the back doors and they had nets and they caught them," Martinez explained.

However, Chris Kemper with Longview Animal Control said they do not work weekends unless it is an emergency, and they would not remove a dog from a property without a warrant.

"We would never remove an animal from an enclosed property or an animal that is on a leash or behind a fence or under the care, custody, or control of an individual. We would never remove that animal without a warrant signed by a judge," Kemper said.

So, how can you tell if the people showing up at your house really are who they claim to be?

"If animal control shows up at your house, we will be clearly identified by our uniform and by our vehicle," Kemper said.

If there is still a question, you can ask to see their badge and their identification card from the city.

Kemper said that Longview Animal Control is investigating this matter. If you have any information on this investigation, you can contact the Humane Society of Northeast Texas or Longview Animal Control.

Martinez said she is offering a reward for the return of her missing dog, Palomita. Martinez said Palomita is white with brown and black spots. She is one year and three months old and expecting puppies. If you have any information, please contact the Humane Society of Northeast Texas.

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