Gift of Love: Jorge

Gift of Love: Jorge

It was an afternoon offun and games as Jorge and I made our way through the games at Chuck E.Cheese.  This 13-year-old is very bright. He can be quiet and shy innew situations, but he becomes quite talkative when he is familiar with thosearound him. Jorge is very interested in electronics, computers, and videogames. And hopes to turn his passion into a career as a game designer.

"It's a really cool job. You can alsoget money playing games that people design, but I plan on doing a gameproducing where I could design the game," Jorge said.

This 8th graderwould love to design action video games, so it's no surprise his favorite gameis "Call of Duty."

Jorge ishappiest when he has some sort of electronic device in his hands.  He alsolikes music and band is his favorite subject in school. Jorge currentlyplays two instruments.

"Flute and the drums," Jorge said.

Jorge also likes tobe active and enjoys Tae Kwon Do.

"I actually went through a class andgot up to a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do," Jorge said.

He hopes to keep upwith his training in his new home. Jorge likes to read and go to the movies.

"The Hunger Games and my favoritemovie...actually that's hard to decide. I like a whole bunch of movies,"Jorge said.

The familythat would best meet Jorge's needs would be an active family who puts a bigemphasis on family time and activities such as camping, bike riding, playinggames together, eating out together and the like.

Jorge is ready to be adoptedand really hopes to find a forever family soon.

"I just want a family....actuallyknowing that someone cares," Jorge said.

A family that canshow Jorge the Gift of Love.

Ifyou'd like to know more about Jorge or other East Texas children available foradoption call our Gift of Love hotline, TOLL-FREE 1-888-KIDS-275.

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