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Newspaper delivery woman thwarts kidnapping of assault victim


An Eastover woman is being called a hero after police say she foiled what could've been a deadly situation early MMonday morning.

She was delivering newspapers when a split second of eye contact told her  something was wrong.

"When we started out that morning I thought we were going to be a little bit late, so to be that early kind of amazes me," said Cynthia Robinson.

Amazing just scratches the surface of what happened in the Rosewood neighborhood early Monday morning. 15 minutes ahead of schedule, Cynthia Robinson and her sister were delivering newspapers when they came across a strange situation on Pembroke road.

"She's in the driver's seat, and he's crouched over her," Robinson said, describing one of her customers and a man leaning into her car.

Police said that man was Anthony Tyrone Dervin, who they say minutes earlier had broken into the victim's home and sexually assaulted her.

According to police, he was in the process of trying to take the victim to an ATM when Robinson drove by.

"I didn't know her, so I didn't know if it was a boyfriend, husband or just someone she knew," said Robinson.

Robinson said she would have kept driving if it weren't for a split second of eye contact with the victim that told her all she needed to know.

"I won't ever forget the sheer look of terror in her face," Robinson said. "It was unreal. Just unreal."

Robinson slowed to a stop and called 911 before backing up.  Police said that was enough to make Dervin take off. He was caught a day later.

"She just said, 'Thank you. I didn't think anyone would stop.' Then she just started crying," Robinson said.

"You're put where you're supposed to be," said Robinson. "I'm not a hero. I just did what anyone would have done, or would I would hope they would do. Maybe I'm being naive but I still think there are good people out there."

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