Better East Texas: Rick Perry's announcement

Better East Texas: Rick Perry's announcement

(KLTV) - With the announcement by Governor Rick Perry that he would not run for reelection in 2014, a number of dominoes began to fall across the Lone Star State's political tabletop.

Perry has held back on announcing his decision on a run for a national office for a while, but several existing statewide office holders, from the Lieutenant Governor, the Attorney General, Agriculture Commissioner and others, are lining up to seek now positions in our state government. It is also an opportunity that has not presented itself in nearly two decades- where the democrats have an opportunity to gain a more secure footing in the statehouse.

In looking back since Governor Perry won as Agriculture Commissioner, the state has changed and the new leadership, Republican or Democrat, must recognize that this is not our father's Texas. Whether Republican or Democrat, we need leaders that reflect a more diverse Texas than ever before, and they need to know that Texas is in much better shape economically than most of the country so - it ain't broke.

Expect the politicking to begin in earnest in a few months as we draw closer to the primary vote next spring. The process is indeed more wide open than any time in recent memory, and every Texan deserves a voice in it. It makes our state great and a makes for a Better East Texas.

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