Better East Texas: MLB moral check

Better East Texas: MLB moral check

(KLTV) - Major League Baseball is about to take a mid-season break to celebrate with the All-Star Game in New York. Unfortunately, there are several side stories that are clouding the game, and they speak to the sad shape that baseball is in and the need for a morals check across the league.

There is a pending decision by the league to discipline a number of players, including MLB All-Star Nelson Cruz from the Texas Rangers, for alleged steroid use. Stop me if you've heard this story before – baseball and steroids. The decision on discipline, which could include suspensions, will come out after the game- but now the morals check.

Due to the pending decision on Cruz, the Texas Rangers have signed 41-year-old former MLB All-Star Manny Ramirez to fill in for Cruz if Cruz is suspended. A nice insurance policy, but Ramirez has been found guilty and suspended two times by the league for steroid use. There is a lot of irony, but the biggest problem is that the league tolerates cheating at this level and really has no answer for repeat offenders.

Few other industries would tolerate this type of blatant action, and until baseball commits to really cleaning up the game and players refuse to cheat, the record books will be filled with asterisks next to player records. Another ironic point for the Rangers is that they let slugger, and Longview native, Chris Davis go in a trade two years ago and now he is a potential MVP candidate. He is steroid free and playing baseball the way it should be played.

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