Political Button Collector

If you walk into Tyler Fire Marshal Max Nash's office, you'll see a little piece of history on his walls. Political and campaign buttons from as far back as the 1900's. He's got buttons from Woodrow Wilson to the candidates of today.

"Being a veteran, I kind of like this one poking fun at Kerry and his purple heart," he says.

Max's been a collector since the 1960's.

"I remember as a cub scout wearing a Nixon button when he ran and didn't win," says Max.

Over the years, he's added more and more to his collection. He's got funny buttons.

"One of my favorites is 'If Bill is the answer, the question must be stupid.'"

Rare buttons, like this Nixon one.

"This is one of my favorites it says 'I'm for Millhouse' his middle name," he says.

And he has just plain odd buttons.

"Those are some that show up pretty regularly for different candidates. This is Hookers for Reagan .. and Communists for a candidate."

He's even got Communists buttons, like this one of Gorbechev. He's got so many he can't even recall what each stood for.

Reporter: "Who's boot the duke?"

Max: "Let's see. Trying to remember. I can not remember."

Some are even home made.

"That was back in the 60's let us vote, it was when they were lowering the voting age to18 and a group of us were active in that."

Max says the buttons don't always represent his views but they do give people something to think about, which after all, is what politics is supposed to be about.