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Letter to La Vergne tenants on septic tank damage

Dear Tenant,

I represent Ms. Debra Beasley in her capacity as the Executrix of the Estate of her father Mr. Clarence Aubrey Taylor and also in her capacity as legal heir to the real property upon which you are residing and have been for some time.

We have been contacted by a representative of LaVergne Codes Department regarding sewer / septic improvements that must be made. Unfortunately, these improvements are very costly and the estate does not have the resources to fund these needed projects. The property will likely be sold and as yet, a buyer has not been identified.

For this reason, this letter provides notice that your month-to-month tenancy will no longer be accepted and you must vacate the premises within 30 days of this notice. Obviously, this is an unusual circumstance and the Taylor heirs will make every effort to assist you in this time as necessary.

However, the City of LaVergne has given us notice that these improvements must be made and so the Estate and heirs find themselves with no choice.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either Ms. Beasley or myself.

I spoke with Mrs. Beasely and she re-iterated that she plans to meet with the tenants and will not force anyone to move, but we felt it necessary to provide more than sufficient notice of what was going on and the reasons for the sale of the property.

Feel free to call me anytime with questions or concerns and thank you for the opportunity to explain this situation in greater detail.

Daniel Lyn Graves II

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