Hurricane Ivan Headed For Jamaica

As Jamaicans prepare for Hurricane Ivan, long lines have formed at gas stations and supermarkets.  Residents in the country were urged to prepare for the worst earlier today by Prime Minister P.J. Patterson.  Now, that's just what residents in Kingston, Jamaica are doing, preparing for the worst.  Damon Richards says, "I'm very worried.  We can't take a category one much less a category five."   Another resident of Kingston, Nieke Johnson says, "I'm terrified.  I heard the country is closing down this afternoon." 

Hurricane Ivan already moved through Grenada damaging an estimated 90 percent of the homes on the island.  Looting has been reported in St. George's and the island's agriculture industry was wiped out.

In Southern Florida, officials have ordered tourists and residents to evacuate the Florida Keys.  The main road out is two-lanes wide for the most part and authorities are working to make sure everyone has a chance to leave in time.  Meanwhile in other parts of the state, many residents are making another trip to their local hardware and lumber store.