Viewer response: 'We are not owed a fireworks show'

Dear Mr. Stacey,

I agree on the importance of fireworks. What is the Fourth of July without them? But in the case of every holiday ever to exist I realize I am not owed a fireworks show!

If it's a proper thank you that you wanted in the form of fireworks across each military base in America then that didn't happen, but military members and their families receive daily reminders of how appreciated they are. They receive a paycheck for what they do, free medical care for themselves and their families, the chance to receive college credit and entire waivers through the GI Bill. They have grocery stores that sell items at no mark up and are tax free.  And the job training they receive on top of the multiple tax incentives for employers designed to help military members find work after active duty is more thank you then a firework show can make even one as multicolored and spectacular as the one in Washington, DC that was open to the whole public!

The president does leave an expensive bill behind him anytime he goes anywhere. But America's power doesn't come from a man tucked behind a desk in a single city. It comes from his high publicity public appearances. The chance he gives ordinary citizens of both America and the world over to see him in action. Republican or Democrat seeing a presidential entourage is exciting and awe inspiring! His trip to Africa was a chance to heighten US-Africa relations. The chance to build trade ties, security links and economic bounds, so it was an expensive trip but one designed to strengthen American-African relations.


Michael Anderson