Power of Prayer: Kingdom Girl Ministries

By Dia Wall dwall@kltv.com

As with many great things, one East Texas ministry began with music.

     Kingdom Girl Ministry co-founder Bethany Williams tells us "My brother, he's a Christian producer. He came out with this song called 'Kingdom Girls.' So, eventually we thought we should create a ministry and a business out of it."

     Founders Bethany and Kaylee Williams say the goal is reaching little girls early on in their lives.

     Kaylee says "Our goal for our ministry is just to show them the truth really and help guide them in the right direction You can learn more when you're younger, so if we can catch them while they're young, and teach them the truth while they're young, it's something they can carry with them into their adulthood."

     One way they hope to spread their message is through T-shirts and bracelets.
     Kaylee designed them all with Bethany's help.

     They tell us "We wanted a diamond because proverbs 31 states that we're more precious than jewels."

     That passage also reminds women to live righteously, which is the foundation of Kingdom Girl ministry.

    Because they encourage girls to be careful what they watch and listen to, they also reach out to them through music.

     Bethany says "We have a kingdom girl artist, her album is on iTunes. Her name is Brittannee Haralson. And she's actually been traveling and booking, so pretty much everywhere she goes we go."

     It's hard work, but the reward is one they say is worth it.
     Bethany and Kaylee are focused on reaching their goals through the Power of Prayer.

     For more information on kingdom girl, including the song that started the ministry, we've posted links below.