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From junkyard to soccer field


In Athens, one man is turning his trash into a treasure.

"This land used to be a junkyard and now it is going to be turned into a beautiful park," said Pedro Carrillo.

It's main attraction will be a brand new soccer field.

"Our preacher sent us a picture, and I kinda wanted to cry," said Pedro's son Edgar. "We had just made our dream come true."

It was all made possible by the work of Pedro and his son Edgar, who had a dream to build a soccer field in their hometown of Athens.

"When I was in Mexico trying to become a professional soccer player, we were training in a facility like this," said Edgar, a 2005 graduate of Athens. "When I tore my ACL and came back home, I said 'Hey, we should try to build this."

A grand opening this weekend showcased the result.

A regulation size indoor soccer field located outdoors.

It's designed to host games both day and night.

It was all built by Carrillo, with his own hands on his own land and with his own money.

"I took it that it would be easier to use my own money, my own savings to build the field for all the community," said Pedro. "[It's] for everyone to come and play over here and to have a good time."

Building it took only a month and a half.

They're hoping the impact lasts much longer.

"We want to have a league for little kids and grown ups and for everyone to enjoy it," said Edgar. "Having our own soccer field and our own facility out here, it is going to be great for us."

"It was love for the game of soccer," said Pedro. "I wanted to take the kids out of the streets and do something good."

Games have already been played on the new field, named "Beckham Field," in honor of Edgar's son Beckham, and Pedro's favorite player, David Beckham.

The hope to have the field open seven days a week and play both day and night games.

It is located at 701 West College Street in Athens.

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