Is the rain for you?

Storm Tracker Meteorologist Brett Collar is in the Weather Center tracking the rain that's moving through East Texas.  When he presents your newest forecast, he'll let you know if you can expect any rain from the weather where you live.  Watch at 10 to learn what's heading your way later tonight and tomorrow morning.

When the earthquake in Haiti disappeared from the headlines, many people assumed that the people of the island nation where doing fine.  Folks who do volunteer work there say that's not the case.  East Texans are some of the dedicated helpers who are still doing what they can to help the people of Haiti recover.  Tonight at 10, Caleb Beams has the story of the mission team from Fredonia Hill Baptist Church in Nacogdoches that's working to meet physical and spiritual needs.

Tonight at 10, Coleman Swierc has a story that further proves that once East Texans put their minds to something, there's no stopping them.  He's going to introduce you to a father and son team in Athens who wanted to give local children a safe place to play soccer.  You have a chance to see the process of their dream coming true.