Several Restaurants Have Contamination, Flies

Daniel Boone's Bean & Burger
1920 ESE Loop 323

Raw chicken stored above raw beef and other foods in cooler. No hot water or paper towels at hand sink. Flies in restaurant. Utensils not stored in sanitary manner. Total demerits: 22.

Recheck ordered, not on file.

7101 S. Broadway

Employee was seen handling food and money without washing hands. Possible cross-contamination of food services. "Many flies" were seen. Toxic items not properly labeled. Total demerits: 22.

On a recheck: Aug. 23, all problems corrected. No demerits.

Ken's Pizza
4500 S. Broadway

Buttermilk, spinach dip, and olives above 41F. Improper handwash facilities. Hot water needed at food prep sink. Ice machine needed cleaning. Total demerits: 16.

On a recheck: Aug. 9, the cold hold problem remained. Hot water was needed at food prep sink

Total demerits: 8. A recheck was ordered, but is not yet on file.

All inspections conducted by the Northeast Texas Public Health District.