Better East Texas: Military bases cancel fireworks

Better East Texas: Military bases cancel fireworks

(KLTV) - Well the impact of the sequestration, or the federal budget cuts, continues and now they are affecting the military's plans to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Several major military bases canceled firework shows that were planned to entertain and honor military personnel and their families. Planers cite the lack of funding and the fact that it just was not the right thing to do, with many government workers facing furloughs and other cutbacks. As hard as it is, it does make sense to carry out the cuts but it seems that logic does not exist in the White House as President Obama – at the same time the firework cuts surfaced – is wrapping up his very long trip to Africa.

The president's trip cost taxpayers somewhere between 60 million and 100 million dollars. The fireworks shows had a total cost of around 100 thousand dollars each when you factor in additional security and other expense on top of the fireworks. So the president continues to spend at a business-as-usual pace on the foreign affairs front, while many soldiers and their families go without traditional firework celebrations on their bases.

This whole scenario speaks to the apparent condition that the president - and I would throw in congress as well - have no intention of solving the budget needs ending the massive spending cuts that have taken place. No doubt, our country needs to spend less but it is a sad statement that those in charge of our country's purse strings have to rely on desperate moves rather than compromise to get their number one job done.

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