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Girl's wish of managing a restaurant comes true


The pressure to perform is at an all time high. Not only is it the dinner time rush, but Rotolo's has a new boss who's all business.

"Get to work. Now!," said Taylor Oliver.

12-year-old Taylor is running the show and the kitchen. Her short life has been one challenge after the other.

"She was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 15-months-old. She's dealt with that her entire life. Then, last week, doctors told us she only had three months left to live," said Helena Folsom, Taylor's mother.

Not ready to go, Taylor told God he couldn't have her until her dream of managing a restaurant comes true.

"It means a lot to us because it's something you always think, if I lose my child tomorrow ... What will she not accomplish that she's always wanted to do," said Helena.

Making it happen for Taylor and her family is the Dreams Come True organization of Louisiana, a nonprofit group that helps children with life-threatening illnesses.

"It's so rewarding. I have been doing this for over 20 years and this is the first time I have had a dream request like this ... She wanted to manage a restaurant so I contacted Rotolo's and they said, 'of course,' " said Becky Prejean, Dreams Come True Executive Director.

It's a request that hit home for the owner of Rotolo's. Fabrice Ramcourt's 8-year-old daughter was a Dream Child last year. Also diagnosed with a brain tumor, she's now in remission and he's paying it forward.

"Our problems are behind us now and we just feel like we have to pay it forward and help out anybody who is dealing with similar situations. You can never do too much for children," said Ramcourt.

Though she's only been on the job for a couple of hours, Taylor is already a pro. When asked if she was going to give her employees a raise, Taylor said, "No!"

Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach also issued a proclamation making July 2, 2013 "Taylor's Dream Come True Day."

With a lifetime of "now or never" moments, this is one they will always treasure.

"This just gives her one more thing to check off her list and to know that we have done and the community has done everything they could to make her dreams come true. We know that she has had a full life," said Helena.

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