What You Watch & How You Vote?

What you watch says a lot about you.

"I watch football and the Texas Rangers."

"A lot of those family shows, 'What About Jim.'"

"'CSI' and 'Monk'."

"I like 'My Wife & Kids', 'George Lopez', BET."

A recent study done by political parties helps them figure out what shows they should buy ads for. This study identified the TV shows Republicans, Democrats and undecided voters are watching.

Republicans seem to like 'Everybody Loves Raymond', '8 Simple Rules', and 'The Amazing Race'."

Democrats like 'Will & Grace', 'Judging Amy' and 'Extreme Makeover'.

Those coveted undecided voters watch 'My Wife & Kids', 'CSI' and reality TV. But is the information accurate?

This is Jason Rice. He likes '8 Simple Rules' which means he should be a Republican, but is he?

"Oh my goodness. I am not a republican."

Michael Edwards watches 'CSI'. According to the study that means he's undecided, but?

"No, I am very well decided."

Lee Harris likes reality TV and 'My Wife and Kids'. That means she should be undecided too but once again, "I am not undecided."

In fact, we didn't find one East Texas viewer who fit the study profile.

"They're under the impression everybody is one side or the other. If your a Democrat you are going to be 100 percent liberal and go with the cutting edge stuff like 'Will and Grace'," says Jason.

So for East Texans it seems one thing goes past party lines-- how they vote with their remote control.