East Texan headed to Pan-Am Junior Games

Former John Tyler Lion Andre Jefferson is dreaming of Olympic gold.

The East Texan has taken a huge leap towards reaching the 2016 summer games in Rio De Janeiro by qualifying for the Pan-Am Junior Championships in Columbia in August.

"I have never been to a different country," said Jefferson. "So it is going to be a great experience jumping against people from other countries, knowing that they has as much skill as I do and not knowing them personally is a big thing."

Jefferson won gold at the United Stats Junior Outdoor Championships in the long jump and was also the Texas state champion on Class 4A in 2013.

He now has his chance to see how he measures up world-wide.

"I have to work really hard before them if I'm going to beat them," said Jefferson. "I can beat everyone around the United States if I want to but they're in a different country, it's different and harder and it's going to be fun because I'm going to put something out there big."

The Pan-Am Junior Championships are held August 23rd-25th in Medellin, Columbia.

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