Power Of Prayer: Life Saving Scapular

By Dia Wall dwall@kltv.com

7 year-old John Louis Nasche was at the ranch with his dad moving some dirt. He then went into the field and was crushed by a 15,000 pound tractor.

John Louis' father, John Nasche told us, "I was scared to death. I assumed the box plate just broke his nose because he was bleeding profusely from his nose. I knew something was wrong, my heart leaped."

John immediately rushed his son to the hospital in Tyler.
That's when they found it was much more than a broken nose.

John says "When I saw him. The bruising, the bleeding, it broke my heart. He had four broken ribs on this side, one in the back. He punctured this lung. he had 12 to 15 broken bones in his nose and in his face. He had bleeding and swelling in the back of his brain and bleeding and swelling in his spine.""

What happened next is nothing short of amazing.

John said "Between trauma, neuro, eye doctor, plastic surgeon, spine doctor all five, one by one said no surgery, no surgery, no surgery, no surgery. It was just amazing and in four and a half days, we were on our way home."

Now, John Louis is right back on the ranch.
His mom, Veronica, says it was important for him to come back to the place where his miracle happened, saying it reminds them all of one important thing.

"The power of prayer, our faith. With all the people that were praying, thousands and thousands of people praying, we felt it. We literally felt it when we were in the hospital," Veronica said.

And John Louis believes the accident happened for a reason.

That reason, he says is "So more people can pray and wear the scapular. So more people can believe in Jesus and God."

John Louis says the scapular that he has worn since he was 3 years old never leaves his wrist.

He says now, he has no fear.

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